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Watercolor tomatos



This is my studio, journal, sketchbook and overall box of curiosities. Take a look around. 

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Where to buy artwork?

I am currently working a new Etsy Shop, but in the meantime you can purchase  Tote bags from my RedBubble shop

Can you draw for me?

 I specialize in watercolor and hand drawn digital spot illustrations, icons and surface pattern design. 

On a different note. I like to practice a variety of watercolor techniques. With these tomatoes I wanted to practice the more “classic” technique which is layering from light to dark. This keeps me on the realistic side. I need to be a little more adventurous! . . . . . .

Victorian Shoe Watercolor
Today we attend a wedding. Since dressing up is my least favourite thing, I procrastinate painting some more textures and  convincing myself that I do not need anymore tubes.
Determined lady
Watercolor crab

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