A mushroom clip art set and pattern – freebie

Watercolors are my relax therapy. It’s lovely that a jar of water and a pan of color can make me forget about everything else. Yesterday I thought I’d make some mushrooms, I wanted to try a new brush. One thing I’m terrible at is working with paper. Cutting and folding evenly is impossible for me, so there goes my dream of learning how to bind books. However I did try to make a card, no suprise, it’s creased and the edges are crooked.

But I made it into a clipart set and I made a few things:

The original card
The original card

I then made it into clip art (300dpi)

And made my graphic for the newsletter

mushroom copy

Then I turned it into a pattern!



And then I made a card in Canva

Be playful! (1)

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