Creating at a time like this

I’m constantly oscillating between creating fun and appealing graphics and burying myself in my sketchbook to draw melancholic girls. Since the US election and with the looming change that is happening in the world (the rise of the alt-right and such)  I find it hard to focus on ‘business as usual’. It’s difficult to do the hustle pretending that this Holiday season is like any other.

Yet, I have created my high-quality graphics and some printed a few greeting cards in hope to keep moving forward. Pausing is a big no-no because that breeds inertia.

These are some of the cards available at @archibald.alistair with text in French. I also have some in Spanish at @lasamericasmtl! #montreal

Some people have purchased my Holiday graphics and it makes me so happy. I know my clients are  going to create something beautiful for a loved one, or for a client. So in creating such graphics I’m still moving forward, I guess.

I open my sketchbook and stare at the blank page. What for? I wonder constantly. It’s the pull of the artist vs. the commercial artist. When you do art for your own benefit, because it soothes you and you feel compelled to do it, versus: I have a knack for this, it might prove useful and interesting for someone else.

So I took a break from drawing and painting. We went to the beach and for ten days I just read and looked at the waves, thought about what it means to live in a country that is not your own, how the different ways that a person can become an ex-pat. How the word ‘immigrant’ has such a negative connotation in 2016. I moved to Canada because I met my Canadian husband. The process was long,  there was never a question for me to jump through hoops or trying to outsmart the system. It was just a matter of patience. I’ve been in Canada for 10 years now, I’m a Canadian citizen of Mexican origin.

When I come to Mexico though, I feel so alienated, an outsider. I could never move back. I’m an introvert, Mexico is a land of extroverts. The country itself is one mass of extroversion. My senses are overwhelmed after the third day.

I could probably work on illustrating all this to find a purpose and adding  dimension to my work, but I also enjoy the process of making graphics that make someone’s day better.

Either way, drawing and painting is good for me. Whatever I do. And so this must be the answer to the question: to what purpose?

Taking care of yourself and what you need.

My graphics are available as 300 dpi PNGs, these can be used in many different ways: Greeting cards, gift tags, wall art (usually for printing in 8 x 10 inch size), creating garlands and zine and blog graphics.

Christmas and winter clipart

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