Design your own stationary, plus a free download!

I recently released my newest clipart set: A call from nature, it includes a wreath, a pattern and individual elements to create a great variety of designs, including a Mother’s day card or simply to send a message to your loved ones.


This clip art set was born as usual, with pencil and paper. The process is a bit long but it’s so rewarding. I can’t bring myself to draw with an iPad or a Wacom tablet. I do it the long winded way: pencil, ink, scan, spend a while refining in Adobe Illustrator (and believe it or not I use a very limited set of tools within Illustrator). So for me, it’s just magic to see how my sketches turn into pretty graphics that can be put out there for others to create and communicate their own message and story.


These days I’m starting to get anxious because the paper pad  I use to draw the intial sketches comes from France. I bought it last year at the supermarket and it is great paper. I love the size and the weight but it’s coming to the end and now I’m desperately searching for the same quality (and price… it was quite inexpensive for the weight).

Before I started to make my sets the words “Clip Art” made me think of this as oposed to what I learned to make during the Design Garden class. I’ve seen how graphics like these can help designers deliver projects faster and they can also help crafty people create so many different things like garlands, journals, business cards, invitations and greeting cards without having to resort to mass-made products.

Here’s an example of something you can make with this clipart set:


Free sample

Today I have a few elements from this clip art set to offer as a free download . I’m giving away the little bird, a couple of flowers and the orange leaves.

Download your free sample!

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You can purchase the whole set at my etsy store.

These days you don’t need a stand-alone application to make your own stationary. Head over to Canva where you can create designs that are quite good!

If you do make something with this set, I’d love to hear about it. Please share it with me.