From Watercolor to Pattern

I’ve mentioned before how afraid I was of good materials or that I am sort of a purist when it comes to learning something. I heard recently in a podcast that being anal when it comes to following the “good technique” is a by-product of having pursued higher education.

I agree. Every time I’ve wanted to learn something, I want the instructor to tell me “exactly” how to do the thing because “the professor knows”, while self-taught people, feel free to experiment and play.

Ugh! How many hours trying to follow the steps instead of letting go? And how many months have I been trying to learn watercolor painting without breaking the bank? I mean, I would love to have a 48 color Schmincke Horadam watercolor set, or at least buy a few tubes of Winsor and Newton but the fact is, I don’t have the money.

I have what I have: a Sakura Koi set, which is decent if you want to add splashes of color. I also have a 20 year old Reeves watercolor set given to me by a colleague and a few Dr. Ph Martin concentrated watercolors. But, every single time I set my mind to practice I realize that I can’t aspire to paint beautiful flowy botanicals because my pigments are just not good quality and neither are my brushes. I’ve accepted that, but I will paint with what I have.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

So once I had these pretty four-petal flowers, I scanned them. One thing I insisted on having was a good scanner so…



In terms of learning Photoshop, I would say I have narrowed down on the tools I need the most. I’m still mystified by blending modes but I manged to create this pattern. Again with bold colors.

I love Indigo, it’s my uniform so in transforming my watercolor to pattern, I  had to have a bit of that. Finally after a lot of fiddling and playing around I created my pattern which made me so happy. It looks so cool on a duvet!



These items are in my RedBubble shop.  The whole process must have taken me about four or five hours.