Leggings Giveaway Winner!

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Thank you so much for helping me out with my survey.
As the answers are anonymous I can’t publish full info about the winner, just her first name: Kat!

Giveaway Winner

I will be contacting Kat via email to offer her the choice of my existing designs.

This has been a wonderful exercise in getting to know how people wear leggings and which are the preferred designs. The leggings offering right now is so vast and varied and it ranges from very sober, every day neutral leggings to incredibly busy designs that are mostly created digitally and repeated. Then there is the quality, from very high-tech materials for performance athletes to cheap jersey. Mostly, I was amazed that most people responded that they care WHERE their clothes come from. This is super encouraging because I wouldn’t go ahead with my project if I had to manufacture overseas in dubious factories where there is little regard for working conditions or the environment. I can go ahead knowing that I’m creating these leggings directly in my studio and then manufacturing with a local company which I can visit at any hour of the day.

My aim is to create unique artistic designs, not create a motif that i can simply repeat in rows. It’s a new canvas, a blank sheet of paper where I can put careful marks and spontaneous colour.

I hope you’ll follow along!

If you want to be among the first to know when the line is launched, please leave your email address. This list will only be used to inform you about my leggings project and offer sneak peeks into the creation.





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