Why the name ‘Je suis éclectique’?

Mexican teacup for my 4:00 Tea which is actually called Petit Déjeuner à Paris. Instead of scone I’ll have a muffin made out of a premixed package. That’s eclectic. 🙂

Some people have asked me about the name of my website. I created it in the summer of 2014 when I was teaching myself Jekyll, a thing to build static websites. I was right in the middle of figuring out what to do professionally and reading a lot of small business blogs and articles, I realized the common advice was “find your niche” “specialize” “focus on one thing”.

I’ve never been quite good at that. I’m like a bee that goes from flower to flower.

Back in the day someone said: you are a multipotentialite which I found very funny, because it seemed to me that if you do a little bit of everything, you rarely move forward. I really wanted to focus on something, but the more I tried the less I could. It was a battle that was getting on my nerves and frustrating me to a critical degree.

As usual, one thinks: I must have a problem. I have to change… and then everything seems to go wrong. So playing with code, while simultaneously starting my adventure with drawing and painting I thought about what makes me who I am. From my notes:

I am Mexican, born and raised. I lived in the US for three years, learned English when I was very young. I have an obsession with British literature, design and music. I live in Montreal and speak three intermingling languages. I love to see and live among so many different nationalities and I have no predefined style for anything: for decorating, drawing, dressing which is in itself a style. The things I love are too diverse and unrelated. If you see my Instagram feed, you will find it’s basically the same for my artwork (unless you pick up the common line of melancholic, slightly worried ladies I like to draw).

So out of the blue and on impulsion and maybe because during the Summer of 2014 we spent three months in the French countryside I purchased the name on a whim: I am eclectic, Je suis éclectique.

Yesterday I was reading Design Sponge’s article about The White Wall Controversy; it made me think a lot about style and my belief that I don’t have it, which is fine because believing it doesn’t make it true. Our house is all white walls and I don’t think I could have it any other way because my head is so random that white walls feel like an oasis of peace. However, in certain choices, mostly unconscious, the eclectic in me flares up and it throws a party.

Working on the web and illustrating for clients gives me the satisfaction of focusing on something. It soothes me, I listen to what they need and I pull from all the different little drawers in my personal history and knowledge and easily build something that they feel comfortable with. When I work with colleagues, they can throw anything at me: CSS, Content Strategy, WordPress Training, Support and I can do it because my curiosity has sent me down each one of those paths.

So maybe the name of my site is a little strange and doesn’t clarify what I actually DO. I did try the conventional way with a website with a hero image, with the Macbook and the coffee cup plus three columns describing my business but it didn’t work for me.

Sometimes though, when I visit an artist’s portfolio and everything look so cohesive, the style pops out of the page and it’s easily recognizable, I despair a little and start fantasizing about making a whole new website that is all white walls, especially for my artwork; however, the endless possibilities are way more enticing that forcing myself into just one or two.

Lately I have been drawing freehand digital art girls walking on some sort of starry ground. I’m not sure if I will draw many more which is one of my patterns: I want to make a series of something but then a new flower gets in my way and the bee must explore.