Oh.. Camping.

RV Clipart

When I arrived to Canada in 2006 my boyfriend (now my husband) thought it would be a great idea to take me camping immediately after getting off the plane.

I’m a city girl. In Mexico it’s really hard to be close to nature unless you live in the mountains or the coast. The rest, it’s just roads, cities and cement. Pretty colonial cities but no parks or outdoor life. So camping was a shock. I’d never NOT used a bathroom and it was traumatizing to say the least. Plus, it wasn’t just camping, it was canot-camping, which means mimicking times when indigenous people paddled the rivers for days carrying their camping gear and their food. Mounting their camp each night and dismantling it in the morning.

I loved the beauty of the landscapes but hated the ordeal.

Nevertheless, camping has become a part of my life. My Canadian husband has it in his blood so each year as the summer approaches I know he’ll ask me, when would you like to go camping? and I just roll with it. I do love being outside in the woods, I love the smell, I love disconnecting and just sitting there with a book or a sketchbook and at night I LOVE sitting by the fire. I just hate sleeping on the floor and having to get up in the middle of night when it’s pitch dark to go pee. Or animals. One night a horrible growling sound came from the outside, inches from my head.

We have been talking about trying out an RV, renting one maybe for a couple of days and see if that reduces my dread. I’ve always dreamed of how it would be to travel in an RV, but like many things, I tend to put labels on things and  RV’s make me think of snowbirds and retired life. Mexican beaches on the west coast are full of snowbirds in their campers. Recently I found C’est la RV which inspired me a lot. Not that I would want to take off and live in an RV but just the possibility of going away for a while without having to mount and dismount a camping site or sleeping on the floor is quite tempting.

With all this in mind I created a Camping clipart set. As usual all these graphics are created by hand, inked and carefully processed in Illustrator. These are great for printing stickers, labels, decorations, etc. To make these I looked at a lot of vintage camping images. I included the dreaded canoe!


You can purchase it at Creative Market or in my Etsy shop.

How do you feel about camping?