Time to Write the Book

I'm writing a book.

It's not one of the abandoned novels.
Nor is it the carefully edited version of my first blog, scraped from the personal, and left with the image of the earlier days of the web.
It's also not a short story anthology.

This is a book about the"Someday Creative". Which is me, and also about a lot of people who have pushed aside their creative endeavors because:
(choose one or choose them all)

  • They wanted to be something, an author, a painter, a DJ, a chef, but they only liked the title not what it actually entailed
  • They couldn't see their natural creative patterns
  • They were confused about "should and must."
  • They thought: someday, after I've done this and that.
  • They were in a hurry to be someone instead of making things

I've spent nearly a decade trying to find and define my creative outlet. I have consumed a lot of creative advice across many fields because I'm a curious monster, but didn't hit the breaks in the information overload truck. I thought that by 35 I would be a published fiction author and have a successful career as a Marketing professional because that's what I studied for

However, I'm not. I just started to get into this creative beat:

Write a couple of articles, revise them (many times), pitch them.
Draw illustrations, learn to digitize, work them a lot and eventually use them to build a portfolio.
Unearthing the novel.

Why leave things unfinished? Why not go through until the end?

Because I hadn't found the creative endeavor that didn't feel like I was trying so hard.

I have been on the search for so long and I've done everything one can ever imagine without the certainty of: yes this is it, this is what I want to do.

Then I had the opportunity to spend three months in a tiny, quite boring, village in France and the a decade of search became three months of discovery. At last!


I'm in my 40's now. It's exciting and scary at the same time. Scary because you see the new generations rising creatively to heights never possible for me in my 20s, but also it's exciting because I know both worlds the high-speed, internet-driven, social world, and the world without it, and creativity flourishes in combination of both.

So I'm on it. I'm writing, I'm pulling out of all these years and when I'm done writing for the day. I take my little basket with supplies and my sketchbook.

I don't have a studio
I don't have the best materials
I don't have incredible technique
But I feel peaceful and happy.

I really feel I arrived.

I don't have to wait until retirement.


The Crossroads of Should and Must