Using hand-drawn overlays to spice up your images

How the Cozy Stash was born

Let’s say you want to add that hand-drawn look to your images but you don’t really draw, or you don’t have time to do the whole process of doodling, scanning, retouching, exporting and then building your images.

You can use pre-made hand drawn clip art as overlays. These look really cute and give your images a fresh look. Instead of using pixel-perfect circles and frames you can add a fluorish, an icon, a leaf or an element that will make an otherwise plain photo into a more visually striking graphic.

For example, I grabbed this photo of a pie baking process and using my bread baking clipart set I designed it in Canva to look  more interesting.

using hand drawn clip art as overlays

Photo Credit: mystuart via Compfight cc

There are many ways to use overlays. The idea is to find good quality clip art. A lot of clip art is made to look very cartoonish but I try to make my drawings whimsical and detailed without losing the quality of them being drawn by hand.

These days we’re scattering around finding images to make our brands stand out and it gets difficult when creating one image becomes labor-intensive. Hand drawn clip art is really useful for these purposes.

My purpose is for people to distinguish poorly made, cartoonish, pre-school style graphics from high-end drawings so I put together a Pinterest board where some of my peers are contributing their own graphics. Take a look!

You can visit my shop on etsy Little Eclectic Studio and if you are looking for specific graphics let me know, I might add them to my upcoming  sets and make them!

Download a free sample


You can download these four elements for free so you can test them out.

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