Website Development

I build websites for small business and solo-entrepreneurs


On the surface? It’s just about building websites

But actually…It’s about making *that *first website. The one that is easy to maintain, that works for you and does not get in the way of your business.

It’s designed for people who are not sure about the joys and responsibilities of having a website. For people who struggle to find the right developer, the right type of site or platform (Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, WordPress) and who do not want or need to know tech-speak.

By the end of the project, you will have a business website that is

  1. Well built, using the best coded templates or handpicked themes, customized to your needs.
  2. Easy to maintain
  3. That can grow with you.

And best of all, you’ll know how to make it work for you.

Grab your idea book and your business plan and get ready to build the website that fits your business.

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If you are in the middle of your business planning, this consultation is a great investment. Before you contact a developer or designer you can have a clear idea of where your web strategy will fit.

On the surface it’s a consultation about your web needs.

But in reality it is a conversation about how to choose the type of site you need, the developer or designer that will work well with you, examining the technical aspects such as hosting, domain name, content management system and if you really need that slider on your front page. (Chances are you don’t) and asking all you ever wanted to know about your web presence.

By the end of the 120 minute session you will have the tools needed to work with your designer or developer in their language and you will be able to ask questions and evaluate the answers.

So grab your planner and book an appointment with me: learn about the parts you need to make your site successful.

Book a session $160